Saturday, December 29, 2012

THE big Day -- Auntie Lori becomes Mrs. Fitzsimmons - Aug. 4, 2012

So, this is the day that we have been waiting and planning for. Lori had all of the bridal party meet for breakfast to kick off the day. We met at this really cute country cafe and had some very good eats. The scenery was the best part. We were in the middle of a few wineries and around all of the grapes - it was gorgeous and was proving to be a beautiful day!

After breakfast we headed back to the house really fast to take quick showers and get our dresses. Then it was off to Cornerstone to get all fancy and to get Emily down for her nap so that we could have a happy flower girl.
Our little sleeping angel.
The bride getting all pretty.
Emily sat so good while her hair was done, she loves to do girlie things.
Leslie did all of our make up!

Once Emily woke up she was providing the entertainment.

Emily and Mommy all ready for pictures.
The flowers got delivered.....

This is the little house where the Bridal Party got ready.


After we came back from pictures I heard laughing in the bedroom and this is what I found. Emily loves to look at herself in the mirror all the while talking to herself.

Now it was time to head over for the ceremony, here is the backdrop. Words cannot explain the beauty.

More from the Rehearsal...

I found these pictures from the Rehearsal and had to post them. The flower girl and Patrick, the ring bearer. He was helping her pick up the flowers after her practice run of dropping them.....

They were kind of walking together......Emily tends to take over and can be kind of bossy. I am told that she gets this from her mom, but I am pretty sure that I still have all of mine.....
I know that I am her mom and all, but can she get any cuter?????Patrick is really cute too, they were so cute together!
Christian escorting the Jr. Bridesmaids and he looks pretty happy to be doing it.
Our little family outside Cornerstone.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Preparing for Auntie Lori's big day

We have waited for this day for a long time, Auntie Lori is getting married. The place is a winery in Sonoma and we are so excited. Enrique is a Groomsman, Anna is a Bridesmaid and Emily is the Flower Girl. We begin our trek to Sonoma by meeting Grandma and Grandpa Trevino at 4 a.m., it is no time before this is what Emily was doing in the car.

Tia Irma rode with us and loved spending time with Emily, they were fast buddies. The car ride was FOREVER, only like 9ish hours.......but then we were there and boy was it beautiful. We were staying with all of the Trevino family at a house that Grandma and Grandpa Trevino had rented for us. There was our family, Grandma and Grandpa, Tia Irma, Tia Rose, Arturo, Leslie, Adam, Arturito, Tia Marisa, Uncle Steffan, Elon, Christian and Sierra and lots and lots of fun!!

There were deer that would come hang out right in front if this window, this is Grandpa and Emily watching them. Emily loved to call Grandpa over to look out the window with her and I think that Grandpa was just as excited to watch with her, she would get so excited!

The next day was the rehearsal for the wedding. Emily and I had been practicing dropping the flowers at home for months, mommy was anxious to see how she was going to do. We were all excited to see Cornerstone Gardens....

She did so great at the rehearsal, she dropped them perfectly, just like we had practiced...........

After the rehearsal we headed over to the Rehearsal luncheon where we were fed well and had lots of fun.
We left the Rehearsal luncheon and headed to the house to give Miss Emily a nap, when she woke from her nap we headed over to the meet and greet.
Grandma with her girls at the meet and greet.
The beautiful bride, so close to her big day!!
After the meet and greet party we headed back to the house to relax a bit before the big festivities of THE big day tomorrow. We were playing music and Grandpa and Emily were dancing. Boy does Emily love to dance!!!!!! Then we were off to get some rest in order to be ready for the festivities of the next day...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Annual Christmas Sleep Over


This year’s annual sleep over with the nieces and nephews was tons of fun – as always!  This year we had Elon, Christian, Sierra, Ethan, Maddy and Katelee stay over.  Emily loves having all the extra cousins around to have fun with.  As always we had a craft project and we made Gingerbread Houses.  This year we found a Gingerbread House kit and a Gingerbread Train Set.  The girls made the Gingerbread Houses and the boys made the train.  Ethan filled the caboose with so much frosting and candy that it had a hard time standing up (that is why in the pictures it is on its side).  He sure did enjoy eating it though!  Before the kids did the Gingerbread building they helped us color paper.  We had butcher paper that we bought and had them color and use stickers to decorate and that is what we used to wrap everybody’s Christmas presents this year.  On Christmas day everyone LOVED their wrapping paper!  The kids stayed up LATE, like they love to do!  The bigger boys wanted to watch a horror movie with Uncle Enrique so I had Ethan come in the room with the girls to watch TV with us.  Well, the big boys didn’t even make it past the opening of the scary movie, the movie didn’t even start, it was just the opening credits and they made Enrique turn it off because  they were too scared.  I had Ethan with blankets on the floor in our bedroom and told him when he was tired he could head out to the loft with the boys to go to sleep.  A few house later I woke up and went to check on everybody – Ethan was in the doorway of the hallway right by the loft, sleeping with his shirt off.   I laughed and covered him up.  The next morning when I asked him why he was there to sleep he told me that he had gotten tired and was walking in to go to bed with the boys in the loft, but he got too tired.  So, he was just going to sit there to rest for a minute and he fell asleep – so cute!!  The next morning Maddy, Ethan and Katelee went with Emily to gymnastics where Hilary and Chris picked them up.  Sierra, Elon and Christian’s went home with Marisa before gymnastics.  Everyone was extra tired from all the fun that was had, especially Aunt Anna and Uncle Enrique.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cutting Down Our Christmas Tree




This year we decided that we would go cut our own tree.  Early in November I had seen some information regarding cutting your own tree on the news.

  I have very fond memories of going up to cut down a good ole’ tree.  So, I called Matt to see if he would like to join us (so that we would have a truck) and he was on board and so was Maddy.  He suggested that we invite the Judd Family as well.  So, Stephanie, Larry, Jake, Clark, Zack, Kate and Jane joined us as well.  We headed up to Caliente early in the morning so that we could get to the forestry office to get our tags shortly after they opened.  We got our tags and then the search began.  We started down one dirt road and soon realized that it was not a good choice, so we had to turn around.  The second dirt road that we found was much better.  If we had known then that if we drove a few miles up it would really open to up to some great trees then that is what we would have done and saved a ton of time.  But, we didn’t know that, so we would stop every few feet when we would come across a tree that might have some potential.  One thing to keep in mind when looking at trees in the wilderness – they are much bigger than they appear and could end up taking your whole space if you are not careful.  I remember this trick from when I was l

ittle.  Aunt LaRaine and Uncle Ben wanted us to get them a tree one year and Aunt LaRaine wanted it very bushy.  Well, we found her the bushiest tree we could.  I think that tree took up three quarters of their living room when we got it up.  Maddy and Emily played so well together.  They were throwing snowballs with the little bit of snow that was up there.  Then they were drawing on the side of Uncle Matt’s truck.  They really liked getting to ride in the back of the truck while we were looking for good trees.  At the end, while we were waiting for Larry to bring up the trailer to load the trees into, Maddy and Emily enjoyed treats in the back of our Sorento.  It was a REALLY long tiring day, but we had a blast cutting down our tree!!  We got two this year one for the living room and one for the loft.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thanksgiving 2011

We Are Thankful for Family!!

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Trevino Family.  Dinner – well it P1020592was really lunch – was at our house this year.  This was my first time cooking a turkey – and thanks to my cousin’s blog Junk In Their Trunk it turned out well.  The turkey took longer than expected to cook.  Well, it helps if we don’t trip a GFI outlet in the process.  I got a new roaster to cook the turkey in and iP1020601t does not have a power light.  The GFI got tripped at some point and I did not realize it until I was thinking that they turkey should be about done….Oops!!  Lesson learned, I will be checking the roaster constantly next time.  The whole Trevino family was present and lots of fun was had.  Of course there was lots of looking for deals in the wonderful Black Friday ads.  There was also the annual Cowboys football game on the television.  Tons of playing by all of the kids – especially the youngest!!  Emily had this really cute dress with a turkey on – she is always so festive (I wonder who dresses her???).  I always enjoy having our family all around us!! Here are some pictures of the day – taken by the wonderful and talented photographer – Sierra Todd!P1020603P1020583