Sunday, May 15, 2011

And More Easter 2011

Then is was off to the Blackburn Family Easter Egg Rolling.

Enrique thinks that this is kind of a funny/weird thing to do.

Daddy and Emily rolling eggs.

Emily really liked to throw these ones too!!

Emily and Mommy rolling/throwing eggs.

Emily always ready with a smile!

Our little Family on Easter!!

Emily finding eggs in the hunt at Aunt RaNae and Uncle Jim's house.

Maddy looking for eggs too!

Emily got this really cool new fish for the bath from Aunt RaNae in the eggs that she found. This is Emily's new favorite toy in her bath!

Daddy loved helping Emily find eggs!

Maddy showing her Dad where there was an egg that she didn't want to get -- it was so cute!!

Daddy and his girl!!

The Easter bunny was good to Emily -- it looks like more then it was -- really!!
Happy Easter everyone!! Let us not forget the real meaning of the day! Our Savior gave us the best gift possible and I am so greatful for that!!
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Easter 2011 Continued

Emily hanging out while the others gather their eggs.

And the cracking begins!!

Emily did not like it when everyone was getting her Daddy. I was trying to her to crack an egg on her Daddy and she cried until Lori and Marisa stopped getting him. Then she cracked hers on Daddy's head.

Emily getting Grandpa Trevino.

Emily loves to walk around, she is always ready to practice!!

The aftermath!!
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Easter 2011

Easter started this year with pictures with the Easter Bunny. This is a shot of Emily while they were taking her picture - thanks to Aunt Marisa for telling mom about a great Groupon deal to get the pictures. They had about 20 seconds to take Emily's picture before she decided that she did not like the Easter Bunny. One of the shots that we have was really cute, Emily was just screaming. It is too cute! I am sure in later years that Emily will not agree, but we think it is!

This was Emily's second Easter, however last year she was only a few weeks old for Easter. So, this year was the first year that she could really participate in the festivities.

We started with decorating the empty Easter eggs at Grandma and Grandpa Trevino's house for the annual Easter Celebration, the one where we crack them and either there is flour or confetti inside...........

Grandma was having a blast with Emily coloring the eggs!

Mommy and Emily decorating the eggs. Aren't her pig tails just too cute, thank you Auntie Lori for trying them.

Emily really like putting the egg in the color herself. She cracked a few of the empty eggs because she would get so excited!

This is one of Emily's final products - perfection if you ask me......

Daddy got his chance too!

At this point Emily discovered that she could dump the liquid color all over the place - it got everywhere!!

Grandpa getting his kisses in!!

All the kids enjoying the festivities!!

All the adults filling the eggs - some flour, some confetti and some a combintion of both!!

Then it was the day of the celebration, Emily loves her shades (she is even good at leaving them on her face -- well sometimes)!

Emily taking off on her first time to find eggs.

Emily getting her first egg of the hunt.

She would pick them up and THROW them in her basket. Just like she does with all her toys. She loves to pick them up and throw them!!

Everyone before the Trevino Egg Hunt!!

Aunt Marisa, Emily and Daddy ready for the hunt to begin!

Ready, set...............................Go!!!!!!!!!!

And they are off!!
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Photo Shoot

Yesterday (May 14, 2011) we did a much needed photo shoot. We needed some pictures of Emily at around 1 year old, plus we had this really cute Easter dress we wanted pictures in. So, I found a Groupon for The Picture People, we got an amazing deal and some great pictures. Grandma Trevino met us there so that we could try to get some good smiles from Emily (we figured if there was someone there with us that Emily knew we would get better smiles - I think it worked).

We scheduled the shoot for 11:00 a.m. thinking that Emily would take a nap in the morning like she usually does, then we could head over for pictures with a well rested little girl. Well, Emily had other plans and she slept in until about 8:15 a.m. So, by the time she ate and got her bath it was nearly time to head for pictures -- so no nap for Emily. I was so worried that she was just going to be a tired and grumpy girl by the time we were ready for pictures. But Emily is always ready with her smiles, as she likes to prove over and over.

Emily was all smiles for all of her pictures.

Sweet girl, we hope she knows how much she is loved!!

This is the picture we got the most of....... But it was a hard decision!!!!

Our happy little family!!


This is one of my favorites!! I love the look on Emily's face!!

Sweet girl! We got this outfit for her first birthday from Lois (I work with her). Lois was so excited to hear that we were taking pictures in this outfit. I had planned on having her in cute little white sandles, but couldn't find them when we changed her in the studio -- we found them in the car later... But, I think they turned out better with her cute little bare feet instead!!

Emily is 1!! I still can't believe that this little girl is alread a year old -- where has the time gone?!?!? Seems like just yesterday she was too small to fit even the preemie clothes that we had for her, she is still a petite little girl, which is good because she has TONS of clothes that everybody has bought for her and this way she gets a chance to wear them all.

I love the way that her feet are crossed here, too cute!

Once again, all smiles for the camera!

This little girl is so used to her picture being taken, even stangers in Cancun wanted to take her picture!!

Relaxing....... We had a fun afternoon. After pictures we had lunch with Grandma Trevino at Red Robin, did a little shopping and got this little one home to take a much needed nap -- poor thing was so tired!! She did good at her photo shoot, though!
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