Monday, January 26, 2009

Wii Fun Night

Last Saturday we had some folks over for a Wii Night. Kevin wanted to come over to play the Wii and "kick our butts." So I invited Mom, Dad, Matt and Family and Hilary and Family and Michelle over for tacos (that is what Kevin wanted) and fun!!! We sure had lots of fun. Before the festivities started Ethan was helping Aunt Anna clean up the Christmas tree mess. He was using the back scratcher like a rake and he was raking the needles up from the carpet. Then he, Maddy and Grandpa went upstairs. Ethan was using the middle of wrapping paper rolls as a pool stick on the pool table. He was really good with it too. Maddy was trying with Grandpa but she was better at yelling into the tube, so was Ethan he would call us all up there by yelling in the tube. At the end of the night Enrique and Dad just had to rough house with Kevin. They say it was because he had talked so much trash but he hadn't really backed it up. All in all it was a great evening!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome 2009!!!!

So, we had a party at our house to ring in 2009. Family and friends gathered around for all the fun times. We had lots of food, games, fun and of course the Wii. I got Dance Dance Revolution for my birthday and this was the first chance that we had to see everybody's dance skills; believe it or not I was one of the better dancers (those that know how I dance will be very surprised)!! The Nelson family joined us, but had to leave a little early in order to get the kiddos to bed. Poor Ethan had to have a breathing treatment while he was there, but he is a trooper with them now. The family had lots of fun playing Pictureka, and the girls won!!!!!!!!!!! 2009 will be a great year full of fun and surprises.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Beginning

Ok, so I am really new to this blogging thing. So, I have decided that I guess now is the time to start. It is just the three of us: Enrique, Anna and one VERY spoiled Roswell. We just celebrated Roswell's birthday last Sunday - he had a very cute cake that he shared with Jiggs. Then when we got home he had a doggie brownie that we had gotten for him too. Well, it was all too much and he got sick. Oh, well!! I guess it just isn't a real birthday without getting sick. Roswell was really excited to get his new Dallas Cowboys T-Shirt. I am not sure who was really more excited about it Enrique or Roswell. Ok, I know it was Enrique(Roswell is not too excited about wearing clothes -- the only two items he has are this T-Shirt and of course his game day Cowboys Jersey)!!!