Thursday, April 16, 2009

After the Trevino Egg Cracking we followed it up with the Blackburn Egg Rolling. This is the first year that Enrique has rolled eggs with us. We had fun and everybody knows how competitive my husband can be, so he made sure that he won enough times. Ethan put up a good fight although many times Ethan would just throw them down the hill. Ethan had more fun runnning up and down the hill to get the eggs and start again.
Katelee and Aunt Anna rolling eggs. Katelee didn't like it too much, maybe next year.
More egg rolling.
Ready, Set, Roll!!!!!

Katelee kind of joining in on the fun!!
Ethan and Aunt Anna playing.

Easter 2009

Easter started this year with the Annual Trevino Egg Celebration. For those of you that know this tradition, here you go. We take all year and save eggs and hollow them out. Then we decorate the eggs like usual however we then fill them with either flour or confetti. Now, one would think that you could definately tell the difference when you pick one up with flour, however you can not. So, we go hide the eggs and then we go find and gather eggs; while gathering we crack them on each other's heads. We don't know if they will have flour or confetti, it is a surprise to all. I think that the adults have more fun doing this activity than the kids do. Although the kids love it too!! We are really nice and we give the kids a 30 second head start, how nice of us!?!?!? This activity really brings out the kid in all of us.
Sierra getting Lori with a flour egg.
Christian getting Uncle Ricky. Enrique went after someone with one of his first eggs and in the process dumped his bag of eggs, which were quickly swiped by another (he recovered some of them).
Chirstian had just gotten Aunt Anna -- I don't know why it looks like I can't run, I didn't fall even though that is what it looks like!!!!

Henry getting in on the fun!!