Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Enrique 34 and still a kid at heart!!!!

Enrique turned 34 on March 18, 2009. For his party he decided on a Bounce House and two Pinatas (one for the kids and one for the adults).
By the end of the day Maddy decided that she liked the Bounce House, she was not too fond of it when it was full of CRAZY kids, well and Enrique.

Maddy also loves the swing set.

Marisa joined in on the fun in the Bounce House.

Enrique gave up chocolate for Lent, so his favorite German Chocolate Cake was out of the question. He decided on Pumpkin Pie (which his loving wife made for him, her first time for pumpkin pie).
Ethan posing with one of his toys from the pinata. Notice the pirate earring on his left ear.

Enrique picked some really big pinatas, so there was TONS of candy and such that fell.

Tayler taking her swings. It took like 4 rounds of the kids to break their pinata. Enrique broke the adult one in one swing -- so we will have to do an adult one later too!! All the adults were standing in line and pretty upset that they didn't even get to try.

Christian with his chance.

Sierra taking her swings.

Paige with her chance. This swing looks like she put her heart and soul into it -- sign her up for softball mom!!!!

Rayne with her shot.
Ethan was always ready for his turn -- he LOVED the pinata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoying dinner, some of us are kind of crazy -- I can't believe it is actually not me!!!!

The footstool is where Roswell sits and barks out the front window. Etahn was standing there with him looking out the window and barking like Roswell -- it was hilarious!!!!!!!!
Everybody loving the swing.
More bouncing fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that the adults have more fun in the bounce house than the kids do!!!!

Katelee already LOVES to be at Aunt Anna's house!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ethan practicing the drums for Rock Band. What you don't see is that he has the foot pedal out and everything using it!! What a pro!!!!!!! He is probably better than me.


This is me with Senior National Sales Director Rebbecca Evans

This is Carol Fehr, my recruiter and Sales Director that came in from San Diego just for the event.

So, I have really started to kick off my Mary Kay business again. I decided to go for the record breaker for our unit of number of facials done in a 30 day time period. That time period ended and I did 56 faces in thirty days and now hold the record for our unit in Mary Kay. As always, not only did I make money (and good money at that) I also got rewarded VERY well by Carol, my director and Rebbecca our Senior National Sales Director. I was also crowned for being the Queen of Sales for the week with $913.00 in sales. I was also crowned the Queen of Retail Sales for the whole month of February with $1800.00. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, any of you that are intersted, call me let's do a party -- it will be fun!!! We can even do an online party -- let's talk, 702-682-3497.