Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July with the Trevino Family

The Fourth of July is such and important holiday - it is hard for me to express the love that I have for this country. We are so lucky to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. My Dad instilled in me a great sense of patriotism. He taught me to love and deeply respect this country and I hope that we can instill the same things to Emily. I am so greatful for our founding fathers who had the courage to place God at the center of everything this country did - our politicians of today would do well to remember this idea as well. Everywhere you look Government is asking us to remove God from everything and I think that is why we are in the turmoil that we are. Our founding fathers knew what they were doing when the established this country with God as their partner and knew that with God, all things are possible. I am so greatful everyday for our troops who willingly put themselves in harms way to defend this country and our freedoms. I LOVE this country - LET FREEDOM RING!!!!!
This is our 4th of July celebration with the Trevino family. First we attended church because the 4th was on a Sunday this year and then we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Trevino's for a BBQ, swimming and fireworks.
This is Enrique as he was setting off the fireworks. Emily was mesmorized by them, she didn't even cry - a few times she jumped from the sounds (but I do that sometimes too).
Rayne, Paige, Christian and Sierra watching the fireworks.

Grandma Trevino, Emily and Darla waiting for the firework show to start.

Grandpa Trevino, Daddy, Darla, Grandma Trevino and Emily at the neighborhood celebration at the park right behind Grandma and Grandpa Trevino's house. The Anthem association does all kinds of celebrations in this park for the community. It was complete with a bounce house, all kinds of food booths and of course water games.
Our patriotic Family!!
Grandpa Trevino always finds cool hats to celebrate the holidays, here he is with his Patriotic dreds.
Grandma and Grandpa Trevino trying to entertain Emily.
Rayne, Auntie Lori, Sierra and Paige. Auntie Lori has a application on her I-phone that distorts pictures to make you look chubby. We all took a turn having our picture distorted - even Emily.
Emily getting her picture taken to be distorted.
Emily and Uncle Evan - Evan always has so much fun with Emily. He is so much fun to watch with her, he will make a great Daddy someday. Uncle Evan just lights up when he sees Emily.
This is Daddy enjoying the swing in Grandma and Grandpa Trevino's backyard. There is no better way to celebrate our Independence day than with family, friends, BBQ, swimming, fireworks and a nap.

Auntie Lori, Darla and Lulu enjoying the sun on the 4th of July.

Christian enjoying the family and fun on the 4th.

Emily's New Pool

Emily got a new pool on July 5, 2010. We decided this would be a fun way for Emily to cool off at home during the HOT summer days in Las Vegas. Grandma and Grandpa Blackburn came over for dinner and then we all went outside to watch Emily in her new pool. Daddy had fun playing with Emily in her new pool and Mommy had fun taking pictures of it. Grandpa Blackburn took tons of pictures too. We all kept laughing and giggling - Emily had a blast. We are hoping that this will help transition Emily so that she will enjoy swimming more next time we are at Grandma and Grandpa Trevino's house. Emily really likes her baths now - which has not always been the case so we are hoping that she will just kind of think that this is a really big bath tub. Emily gets a little fussy in the evenings so we are hoping this will help during those times. It is so much fun watching Emily with all of these "firsts" - we are enjoying her so much, we don't really recall what life was like without her - amazing how fast we just forgot what is was that we used to do.

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