Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Steffan

Tonight we celebrated Steffan's birthday with enchiladas for dinner and german chocolate cake for dessert. Then when Steffan opened presents we found out that the DVD we gave him for his birthday was not in the case, so we had to venture back to Wal-Mart to get another one. Sierra took most of these pictures, what an aspiring artist!!!

Laugh your butt off

We went with Hilary and Chris to the Jon Reep show on Friday 02/20/09.
We laughed and laughed and lauged!! First we had dinner at a mexican restaurant in the South Point then we went to the show.

Hilary had my camera and accidently took a picture and she
did not want to waste it, so she tried to pose -- she didn't think
about it being digital so that we could erase it. HeHeHe!!!
Jon Reep signing stuff for us after the show.

Snow Day

All the kids on the massage chair,
Ethan's pants were being dried.
What a ladies man!!!! This chair is Maddy
and Ethan's FAVORITE toy at Aunt Anna
and Uncle Ricky's house!!!

The big kids playing.

Taking aim at the camera
lady, how rude!!!

Ethan getting us all too!!!!

Maddy joining the fun
We could not get this one to
warm up inside, he was having
way too much fun.

So, our plan is that once a month we will all get together and go do something fun around the Vegas area. So, for February we planned to go to Mt. Charleston and play in the snow, then we would come back to our house (since it wouldn't be a long drive) and have chili cook off. Well, President's Day was when we planned it and it was supposed to rain really bad, so our cars would not all make it up the mountain. So, we compromised the guys (and Ethan) all went up to the mountains and loaded Matt's truck with snow and brought it back and we put it in our front yard and played. As always, I think that the adults might have had more fun than the kids. Although we could not keep Ethan out of the snow and he didn't have gloves, so we had to keep brining him in so that we could warm his hands. We had a blast!!!!! We'll see what we do in March.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Boy oh Boy. . . . .Another party!!! I think that it is looking like all we do at the Trevino house is host parties. We do love to have fun. There were sooooo many people here and we had a blast. Although if the Steelers had not scored that last touch down we would have won $500, so BUMMER!!! But we had fun anyway. This time we told people to just bring finger foods to snack on and as always we had plenty to eat!! Here is who was present: The Kartchner Family, The Nelson Family, The Blackburn Family, Mom and Dad Blackburn, Grandma Hybarger, Mom and Dad Trevino, The Neiser Family, Zuly, Michelle, Marisa, Sierra and Christian -- I think the total was right around 30. The kids had fun playing the Wii upstairs in the pool room, where I told them that if they took their shoes off they could sit on the pool table to play. Ethan was playing pool with his wrapping paper rolls pool stick and this time he was brushing his hair with the brush for the pool table. The kids also loved playing in the back yard -- the swing was very popular today!! Maddy had fun showing us how she waves good bye, blows kisses and how she walks like an old man -- too cute!!! Roswell had tons of fun "cleaning" up after the kids. Sara talked my Mom into doing a puzzle with her, so they went to the only flat surface that they could find where it would not be ruined the doorway to the garage door -- Sara and Allie were tired of the puzzle pretty quickly and left Mom to finish it herself. We had a blast having everyone over and seeing (and spoiling all of the kids). Sierra wants to know when the next sleep over is, she even called me about 20 minutes after they had left to remind me to talk to Uncle Ricky about a date. So, maybe that will be our next fun adventure!!!

Lori's Party

On Wednesday night, after Enrique and I got our taxes done we dashed over to Lori and Evan's house for Lori's Body Shop Party. A fun time was had as the girls got together for a girls night in. Rayne was there with Darla, she loved trying all of the big girl things.