Sunday, November 6, 2011

Emily’s First Gymnastics Class

On November 5, 2011 Emily had her first gymnastics class, Enrique and I were pretty excited for her to go.  After seeing how much Emily loved dancing at Aunt Marisa’s wedding we decided we should see about getting her into dance class or something.  The only thing that I could find for her age bracket was Gymnastics, so we enrolled her.  I was worried that she might not like and I didn’t want to force her to do it.  But all that worry was for nothing, she LOVED it!!!!!!!!!  In fact she cried when we took her off the trampoline and she cried as we were leaving.  Mommy and Daddy, I think, had as much fun as Emily did!!  So, every Saturday this month at 9 a.m. you will find us at Gymnastics!

Emily Sleeping - Nov. 5. 2011

We had to wake Emily up to go to her first gymnastics class, this is what she looked like when we went in to wake her up.

Getting Ready for her first Gymnastics Class

Emily all ready to go.

Waiting for Gymnastics to start

Emily standing outside the Gymnastics room at The Mirabelli Community Center waiting for her class to start.

Running to warm up for gymnastics class

Emily with her ribbons running for warm up.  She really enjoyed this part, she was getting excited.


Still running!

Stretching at Gymnastics

Stretching with Ms. Whitney.  Emily did well with this for her first time.  She kissed her shin, smelt her toes and reached for the stars (these were what Ms. Whitney used to help them understand how to do the stretches, it was cute).


Trying the bars for the first time, she wasn't sure what to think of these

After we warmed up and stretched out then it was time for the bars.  Emily was not sure what to do with these – she will get it….

The possum on the bars

Emily attempting to do “The Possum” on the bars.

Attempting a flip on the bars

Ms. Whitney and Mommy helping Emily do a flip on the bars.

She would say wee for this part

Tumbling as part of the circuit.  When she would do this step she would laugh and say Weeeeeeeeeeeee!  (I think Ethan taught her that being Mario for Halloween)

Trying to line her hands up

Emily trying to line her hands and feet up on the mat.


The trampoline was Emily’s FAVORITE part.  She loved to run up and down the trampoline and she liked to look at herself in the mirror while she was on it.

The tunnel

The tunnel at the end of the circuit.

Exiting the tunnel

Daddy helping Emily on the balance beam.

Daddy’s turn to help Emily through the circuit – Emily on the balance beam.




Sliding – Emily liked this part too.

Daddy loving every minute of helping his little girl


After the circuit we had free time, Emily got to do anything that she wanted.  Emily spent most of her time on the trampoline.

Dunking, she was an old pro!!

Emily in free time, Daddy was helping her dunk the basketball.  Emily was pro at this, she picked up the ball and Daddy did not even have to show her what do.  The people in the lobby watching her were laughing.