Sunday, October 30, 2011

Silverstone Ward Trunk or Treat

Our ward had their Annual Trunk or Treat this weekend.  We had a chili cook off and a corn bread cook off with it.  I made a pot of chili for the show and we took some candy down to the church.  I am sad to say that we did not decorate our car (there was just too much going on this weekend for me to figure out something for that too).  So, we just handed out candy.  Marisa, Christian, Elon, Sierra and Austin joined us for the party.  There was so much to do at the party.  There was the chili and corn bread along with popcorn, games, cotton candy, line dancing, face painting and cotton candy (Emily LOVED the cotton candy – just like her Mommy).  Fun was had by all.  The kids were all really good about looking out for each other.  Christian and Elon helped me hand out candy at the car, so that I would not be all by myself there while the others went and got candy!  Christian was dressed as the Marshmallow man from Ghost Busters and EVERYBODY loved his costume.  We had people asking if they could have their picture taken with him and everybody wanted to touch it to see what it was like.  It was really funny.  In one of the pictures below I posed with his mask on (I smiled for the picture and  then realized that nobody could see it, oops!).  Emily was a lady bug, and a darn cute one at that…..  I made her tutu, sewed some bows on a red shirt, converted a pair of pink fairy wings (from the $1 section at Target) to red and sewed bows on those too, and hooked pipe cleaners to a headband and made some yarn puffs as the antennae (it turned out cute – I think at least), oh and we used the really cute tights that Grandma Trevino got her that are black sparkle tights.  Emily got lots of compliments and had TONS of fun with her cousins – she can’t wait for Halloween night!!  October 30, 2011.

The Trevino Annual Pumpkin Carving Party

Each year we have a pumpkin carving party at our house.  I love to have all our family over and have fun!!  This year we got to do it on a Saturday, which worked out really well for us.  We were not as rushed getting things done and we got to carve the pumpkins in the light of day instead of in the dark.  There are always lots of cute ideas that get used for the pumpkins.  This year we had a frog, leaves, a banana, an apple, a skull, lots of silly faces and of course a Cowboys star.  We had homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner and tons of goodies to go with it.  Every year more and more people join us for the festivity and I love that.  Emily had tons of fun playing with all the cousins and friends that came over.  Can’t wait for next year!!

Pumpkin Patch at The Farm

Auntie Lori and Uncle Evan went to The Farm with us last year to have a photo shoot of Emily.  We really had fun there so we decided to go again this year.  Emily loved it!!  Emily LOVES animals and thinks that they all want lots of kisses.  She is not scared of them (even big ones) and loves to play with them.  There was a white peacock running around at The Farm and Emily was chasing it all around, I was a little worried that it would peck her if she bugged it too much, but Emily loved chasing it.  There were chicks there and she just loved sitting and watching them.  When we had her looking over (and through) the fence at the other animals she would roar at them.  She would just sit there and roar (I don’t know if she is trying to scare them or get them to come play with her).  Auntie Lori got her this really cute tutu outfit that she is wearing.  Emily would even try to lift up the pumpkins all on her own.  It is so much fun watching Emily grow and sharing these experiences with her.  October 29, 2011.