Saturday, February 11, 2012

Annual Christmas Sleep Over


This year’s annual sleep over with the nieces and nephews was tons of fun – as always!  This year we had Elon, Christian, Sierra, Ethan, Maddy and Katelee stay over.  Emily loves having all the extra cousins around to have fun with.  As always we had a craft project and we made Gingerbread Houses.  This year we found a Gingerbread House kit and a Gingerbread Train Set.  The girls made the Gingerbread Houses and the boys made the train.  Ethan filled the caboose with so much frosting and candy that it had a hard time standing up (that is why in the pictures it is on its side).  He sure did enjoy eating it though!  Before the kids did the Gingerbread building they helped us color paper.  We had butcher paper that we bought and had them color and use stickers to decorate and that is what we used to wrap everybody’s Christmas presents this year.  On Christmas day everyone LOVED their wrapping paper!  The kids stayed up LATE, like they love to do!  The bigger boys wanted to watch a horror movie with Uncle Enrique so I had Ethan come in the room with the girls to watch TV with us.  Well, the big boys didn’t even make it past the opening of the scary movie, the movie didn’t even start, it was just the opening credits and they made Enrique turn it off because  they were too scared.  I had Ethan with blankets on the floor in our bedroom and told him when he was tired he could head out to the loft with the boys to go to sleep.  A few house later I woke up and went to check on everybody – Ethan was in the doorway of the hallway right by the loft, sleeping with his shirt off.   I laughed and covered him up.  The next morning when I asked him why he was there to sleep he told me that he had gotten tired and was walking in to go to bed with the boys in the loft, but he got too tired.  So, he was just going to sit there to rest for a minute and he fell asleep – so cute!!  The next morning Maddy, Ethan and Katelee went with Emily to gymnastics where Hilary and Chris picked them up.  Sierra, Elon and Christian’s went home with Marisa before gymnastics.  Everyone was extra tired from all the fun that was had, especially Aunt Anna and Uncle Enrique.

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  1. The other day Ethan told me that you said next week you were going to have another sleep over! Hilarious. He was really hoping for another one soon! Both of the kids LOVE spending the night and can't wait to do it again! You guys are the best for doing this. Specially after having a kid!