Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cutting Down Our Christmas Tree




This year we decided that we would go cut our own tree.  Early in November I had seen some information regarding cutting your own tree on the news.

  I have very fond memories of going up to cut down a good ole’ tree.  So, I called Matt to see if he would like to join us (so that we would have a truck) and he was on board and so was Maddy.  He suggested that we invite the Judd Family as well.  So, Stephanie, Larry, Jake, Clark, Zack, Kate and Jane joined us as well.  We headed up to Caliente early in the morning so that we could get to the forestry office to get our tags shortly after they opened.  We got our tags and then the search began.  We started down one dirt road and soon realized that it was not a good choice, so we had to turn around.  The second dirt road that we found was much better.  If we had known then that if we drove a few miles up it would really open to up to some great trees then that is what we would have done and saved a ton of time.  But, we didn’t know that, so we would stop every few feet when we would come across a tree that might have some potential.  One thing to keep in mind when looking at trees in the wilderness – they are much bigger than they appear and could end up taking your whole space if you are not careful.  I remember this trick from when I was l

ittle.  Aunt LaRaine and Uncle Ben wanted us to get them a tree one year and Aunt LaRaine wanted it very bushy.  Well, we found her the bushiest tree we could.  I think that tree took up three quarters of their living room when we got it up.  Maddy and Emily played so well together.  They were throwing snowballs with the little bit of snow that was up there.  Then they were drawing on the side of Uncle Matt’s truck.  They really liked getting to ride in the back of the truck while we were looking for good trees.  At the end, while we were waiting for Larry to bring up the trailer to load the trees into, Maddy and Emily enjoyed treats in the back of our Sorento.  It was a REALLY long tiring day, but we had a blast cutting down our tree!!  We got two this year one for the living room and one for the loft.

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