Thursday, August 2, 2012

Preparing for Auntie Lori's big day

We have waited for this day for a long time, Auntie Lori is getting married. The place is a winery in Sonoma and we are so excited. Enrique is a Groomsman, Anna is a Bridesmaid and Emily is the Flower Girl. We begin our trek to Sonoma by meeting Grandma and Grandpa Trevino at 4 a.m., it is no time before this is what Emily was doing in the car.

Tia Irma rode with us and loved spending time with Emily, they were fast buddies. The car ride was FOREVER, only like 9ish hours.......but then we were there and boy was it beautiful. We were staying with all of the Trevino family at a house that Grandma and Grandpa Trevino had rented for us. There was our family, Grandma and Grandpa, Tia Irma, Tia Rose, Arturo, Leslie, Adam, Arturito, Tia Marisa, Uncle Steffan, Elon, Christian and Sierra and lots and lots of fun!!

There were deer that would come hang out right in front if this window, this is Grandpa and Emily watching them. Emily loved to call Grandpa over to look out the window with her and I think that Grandpa was just as excited to watch with her, she would get so excited!

The next day was the rehearsal for the wedding. Emily and I had been practicing dropping the flowers at home for months, mommy was anxious to see how she was going to do. We were all excited to see Cornerstone Gardens....

She did so great at the rehearsal, she dropped them perfectly, just like we had practiced...........

After the rehearsal we headed over to the Rehearsal luncheon where we were fed well and had lots of fun.
We left the Rehearsal luncheon and headed to the house to give Miss Emily a nap, when she woke from her nap we headed over to the meet and greet.
Grandma with her girls at the meet and greet.
The beautiful bride, so close to her big day!!
After the meet and greet party we headed back to the house to relax a bit before the big festivities of THE big day tomorrow. We were playing music and Grandpa and Emily were dancing. Boy does Emily love to dance!!!!!! Then we were off to get some rest in order to be ready for the festivities of the next day...

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