Saturday, December 29, 2012

More from the Rehearsal...

I found these pictures from the Rehearsal and had to post them. The flower girl and Patrick, the ring bearer. He was helping her pick up the flowers after her practice run of dropping them.....

They were kind of walking together......Emily tends to take over and can be kind of bossy. I am told that she gets this from her mom, but I am pretty sure that I still have all of mine.....
I know that I am her mom and all, but can she get any cuter?????Patrick is really cute too, they were so cute together!
Christian escorting the Jr. Bridesmaids and he looks pretty happy to be doing it.
Our little family outside Cornerstone.


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  1. Emily tends to be kind of bossy? Understatement, but we love her all the same! I love how bossy she is... So cute too!!!